Naturally Serene Massage Therapy

A Bit About Me!

Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. Let me introduce myself and tell you a bit more about me.

I‘m Justine, owner of Naturally Serene Massage Therapy. I am ITEC qualified, a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and fully insured. I currently work from my home in a beautiful, peaceful part of Yeovil in Somerset. I am committed to providing my clients with an exceptional service that does not just meet expectations but exceeds them, ensuring clients are treated respectfully as individuals in a professional, ethical environment that promotes, encourages and inspires personal wellness. 

Just over 8 years ago I had a very stressful job and excruciating headaches that no medicine or tablets could help. I changed jobs 5 years ago and although the headaches improved they were still very much there so I decided to look for an alternative answer to relieve them. After doing some research on how our body works and how all our ‘systems’ are connected, I realised that my problem was muscular, caused by stress which had an effect on my whole body, not just my head. After I received treatment for the cause, not just the symptoms, I came out feeling pain free for the first time in years. There was immediate relief and I realised how much this pain had affected not just my body but my enjoyment of life! This was a huge turning point for me and I decided that I wanted a career change. That was how Naturally Serene was born! I am now committed and passionate about making a difference to the quality of lives of people like you by reducing stress and alleviating pain.

I am a converted 'couch potato' since I met my husband 8 years ago. I have always been lucky enough to be a slim build and I, like many people, thought slim was 'healthy' but through gaining more understanding of the body mechanics and systems I now realise that this wasn't the case! Since meeting my husband (who is a martial arts and fitness instructor - the perfect match for someone who thought exercise was walking to the car and back!) and qualifying in Massage Therapy I am so much more aware of what my body needs to remain healthy and enjoy - yes, enjoy! - two fantastic workout classes a week that not only help my physical fitness but also my mental wellness - nothing like a good workout on a punch bag to relieve that stress :-)

I even took part in Rough Runner - much to the amazement of my children who wondered who I was and what had I done with their 'shopping is exercise' mum!

Outside of my work at Naturally Serene, which gives me so much satisfaction, I love spending time with my family and walks (I know - MORE exercise!) along the coast with my husband especially in the winter when the sea is rough and the beach is empty - it's like a whole other world and a great place to have some quiet time to be alone with my thoughts (until my husband gets hungry of course! :-)

I look forward to meeting you soon!


Massage therapist and owner of Naturally Serene Justine in bubble slide at rough runner

Massage therapist and owner of Naturally Serene Justine in bubble slide at rough runner