Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I wear for a massage?

For an oil based massage you can undress to your own level of comfort but most people are happy to undress to their underwear as you will be covered with towels and only the part of the body that will be uncovered is the part being worked on.

Can I eat or drink before a massage?

It is best for your own comfort not to eat a large meal an hour (or two is even better) before your massage and please avoid alcohol for this period also.

Can I talk during the massage?

To reap the full benefits it is best just to close your eyes and relax during your massage but if you would like to talk that is entirely up to you - this is your ‘me time‘!

How often should I get a massage?

Ideally you should have one every week or once a fortnight if time and finances allow, particularly if working in a job that has repetitive actions or you are under stress but once a month is definitely better than not at all! 

What massage should I book?

A Swedish massage is best for relaxing and de-stressing, a Deep Tissue massage is best for those who are office based or drive for long periods,sports and fitness enthusiasts and also for extreme tension and a seated acupressure massage is good for people who cannot lie flat or prefer not to be undressed.

When is it not suitable for me to have a massage?

There are many contraindications to massage but some, local or partial contraindications such as a bruise or hormone implant, will not prevent a massage. Others will need medical consent or your waiver and there are a few where massage is never permitted. If you are in any doubt please contact me prior to booking a treatment to discuss if massage is suitable for you.

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Can I cancel my booking?

I understand sometimes cancelling your appointment is unavoidable but please let me know by 4pm the day before your appointment. If this is not possible please let me know at the earliest possible time. If you cancel an appointment more than twice I will require payment in advance to secure your appointment for the next appointment. 

Errr ... I still have a question?

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